Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm so delighted to finally be able to have a blog all for the dogs! It's been my hope to do this for some time, but just haven't gotten it done until now! Our '09 litter is now 3 weeks old and I can hardly believe it! Bonnie whelped an enormous litter of 9 babies on May 24th and it's been so fun to watch them all grow so rapidly!

As my current clients know, we did have one little lady who was born with an umbilical hernia, a complication not altogether uncommon- but which we've never experienced at CRST previously. She is such a strong puppy and was from the moment of her birth, standing up and practically walking right out of the birth canal! After a brief and uncomplicated surgery, our girl is up and around just like the others, though she is definitely smaller!

She's our main concern with this litter at this point and we're currently bottle feeding for one or two of her meals during the day. The rest of the gang are doing exceptionally well are beginning to 'play' with one another, gumming each others heads and feet and pawing at one anothers little faces! And it's all in slow motion of course because all their little body parts are so heavy! Oh, such fun!

I'm SO, SO, SO pleased to say that six of our wonderful babies are spoken for and have loving and fabulous homes waiting for them when they're ready to be released from mom and dad and the family here at CRST! It's so rewarding to know that there are loving 'moms and dads' who are axiously awaiting their new Scottie puppies!

Here's a brief video of our 3 week old litter having a little naptime. Notice we keep the light low for them at this time- it makes for not-so-great video, but happier puppies. Also- we've begun to introduce a few 'foreign' objects into the puppy box to help build confidence. Some puppies are intimidated by this weeks very scary TP roll, others, like the little girl in the video- aren't a bit afraid and waltz right up to it. One little man growled ferociously and barked repeatedly, for which we praised him enthusiastically.

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