Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scottie Soiree

Puppy pick up Day 2009!!

Linda G. and her new little boy!

The Ericksons...there's a SPUNKY little girl between them
who won't hold still for the picture... you can't see her, but she's the dark colored BLUR.

Kari L.'s mom being loved on by Kari's new wheaten boy and by Bonnie who's a little jealous ;)

Shasta and her new little brindle girl. Her son Joe ran around our house all morning asking all the adults, "Where's my puppy?? Have you seen my puppy??" just in time for said puppy to streak by his feet and run off again! so fun!

Judy and her long awaited boy :)

Judy and Neal and their sweet boy!

And now for a few photo's of our remaining little ones...here's 'Stitch' or Zoe as I prefer to call her. She's waiting to go home with the Evan's family in mid august.

This little darling (the puppy, not the girl) is waiting for Sheila. She goes to her new home this Friday!

Sharon's little boy. Again, the puppy,
not the actual boy, as he's mine and I refuse to share him...

A sweet brindle girl waiting for Melissa J.
This little lady's name is Ghillie, being 'cuddled', i.e, kept still, by my daughter, Megan.

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