Friday, July 17, 2009

Veterinary check up!

Greetings all! Just an update to let everybody know that the babies took a little ride to the vet's office today for a routine check up and it went really well!

Everybody's doing just great and they're all (including our littlest) growing like WEEDS! Little Zoe, or 'stitch' as my kids like to call her, has tripled her weight in the last 2 weeks and is now
3 whole pounds! Everyone else is in the 4-5lb range and PERFECT according to Dr. Annie. No heart murmurs, no cleft palate, just 9 healthy puppies!!

We did have a little potty incident on the way to the vet's office...ahem...which was quite a disaster actually. It seems that when one has to go, suddenly they ALL have to go, and they're not yet at an age where they're subtly eying the rest stops...BUT aside from those few (13) little episodes, which we're certain were due to some nerves about the car trip and also due to the HOT weather, they all did really well!

You can all be certain to draw a great deal of attention with your new little boys and girls. We were swarmed with folks wanting to know what breed they were, if they were all sold, could they hold one ( sorry, no.), etc. It was a lot of fun, but definitely convinces me not to leave the house with them unless I absolutely must! They draw a HUGE crowd!!

I'm including a list of items you'll want to bring with you next weekend...I can't believe it's only NEXT weekend!! I've had several people ask what to bring, and so here it is! You're obviously welcome to edit this as you wish:

* halter and leash, most puppies are around 5 lbs, so you'll want to purchase accordingly

* small bag of puppy food in case he/she gets hungry.

* chew toys for entertainment

* kennel to keep them contained if you're planning on driving up alone.

* paper towels and/or baby wipes, spray disinfectant like Lysol, and plastic grocery bags (just in case your puppy gets a little nervous like happened today...)

* Water and water bowl

We're looking forward to meeting all of you and can't wait to see our babies in loving, permanent, forever homes!! See you on the 25th!!

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